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Available Now! Interview Rule Book WORKBOOK (Paperback) - Firefighter Interview Rule Book

Available Now! Interview Rule Book WORKBOOK (Paperback)


To get the most out of The Interview Rule Book, we have created this compatible guide to help you with preparing for your interview. This essential guide will provide you the tools you need to organize all of your personal and professional information in preparation for your interview.

This workbook will ensure that you provide your prospective employer a comprehensive understanding of what you offer as a candidate and how you will be a valuable asset to their organization.

Wether you getting ready to interview for a new job, or if you're preparing to take your shot at that big promotion: The Interview Rule Book System is your go-to resource for navigating the process with skill and professionalism.

The Interview Rule Book System was created by two firefighters who have successfully coached hundreds of applicants through the intense and rigorous interview process for the fire services. They've taken this knowledge and experience and put it to use for all types of professionals.

The Interview Rule Book utilizes the proven TopScore Top5 process to help you put your best foot forward. Learn the rules of the interview process, and how you can prepare to ace them with ease.

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