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Firefighter Interview Rule Book- 2nd Edition (paperback) - Firefighter Interview Rule Book

Firefighter Interview Rule Book- 2nd Edition (paperback)


A straightforward guide to pass the firefighter interview with a better score than your competition.

Landing a career with a paid fire department can feel like you’re standing alone against insurmountable odds. You prepare to answer 101 possible interview questions hoping to include what the board wants to hear. But, in the end, it feels more like a game of luck.

We felt that way, too. Until, we figured out exactly what the board was looking for. Now, we’ve helped hundreds of men and women, just like you, land their dream job.

The truth is, your success has nothing to do with odds or luck. By following our proven interview system, you can enter your interview with confidence and ready to answer ANY question that comes your way.

In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know to pass the interview with a TopScore. Including:

  • The types of questions you will face so nothing comes as a surprise;
  • Exactly what the interview board is looking for and how to include it;
  • How to form complete answers and maximize your interview time; and
  • The Rules of the interview so little things don’t jeopardize your success.
Don't leave your dream career up to chance and get stuck in the inevitable circle of testing year after year. We have been there. We know how expensive and time consuming the testing process can be. Commit to reading this book, and together we can make your next interview your last.

"I am so thankful for the techniques I learned from TopScore. I can honestly say without them I would not have my dream job today.” -Kevin
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