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Firefighter Interview Rule Book-Second Edition & Workbook Package (paperback) - Firefighter Interview Rule Book

Firefighter Interview Rule Book-Second Edition & Workbook Package (paperback)

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You get two incredible books at one great price!

First you get, Firefighter Interview Rule Book. This is for candidates interviewing with the fire service. The firefighter interview process is intense and extremely competitive. There may only be one opening at a department for more than a hundred applicants. If you're not prepared, you'll miss out on taking the next step in your career.

Fire departments use a set of rules to rate their applicants during the interview process, and we know the rules. In the Firefighter Interview Rule Book, we break down the process and show you how to work within those rules.

There are two types of fire department interview questions: Real and What if. We'll cover both in this book.

Real: These interview questions are exactly what they sound like. They are about you and your life experiences. You will learn how to answer Real questions using the TopScore Top Five. This is where you include five parts to make one complete answer.

What If: questions. These questions are fictional. There are three types of What If questions.

  1. Situational
  2. Leading
  3. Interpersonal

We will also cover over 70 Must-Know RulesCore values, and your Marketing Priorities. During a fire department interview, there are a number of important things you need to do and say. More importantly, there are things you should not do or say! We'll walk you through every part of the interview process.

Follow our system, and you'll be prepared to put your best foot forward at the interview!

You will also receive: Firefighter Interview Rule Book WORKBOOK

To get the most out of Firefighter Interview Rule Book, we have created this compatible guide to help you with preparing for your interview. This 70-page, essential guide will provide you the tools you need to organize all of your personal information in preparation for your interview. It will ensure that you provide the fire department a comprehensive understanding of what you offer as a candidate and how you will be a valuable asset to the organization.

This workbook is a convenient, easy to use, all-in-one comprehensive guide to organize your Marketing Priorities, TopScore Top5 answers, Fire Department Ride A-long notes, Interview Follow up notes, and much more. 

Utilize this workbook to catalog your answers in a low pressure, comprehensive manner. Self-discovery and pondering your thoughts while in the interview chair is not an option. This workbook will be your study guide right up to your interview.

Although this workbook has been written for the Firefighter Interview Rule Book, it still can provide a valuable tool with other interview books on the market and should be considered a must have!


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